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Age for becoming a Chef

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I'm 31 years old and like my status says I basically can't boil water. 

I have a huge interest to start working in the food industry. Like fromage said in his post from 11 years ago ;) (wonder how he's doing btw) 

I've considered the paycut, the hours, the peer pressure and the change of life style. And still I would love to become a Chef. 

I dont mind delivering hard work and long days and studying my ass off for it. But my age and inexperience makes me insecure. 


I just dont know where to start 


I've worked on IT call centers basically all my life. 

But it makes me really unhappy because I don't have any love or passion for what I'm doing. 

I used to love the IT business when I was a kid, but times change, the industry changed and nowadays it basically the most 

unsatisfying job ever. 


How does somebody start becoming a Chef at 31. Because I can't imagine there would be a restaurant that would hire me for training. 

Can you guys give me some pointers where I should start. 


Do I first need to go to school and graduate ?

or should I first change jobs and get experience in a restaurant and work my way up from there ? 

What kind of restaurants or place would you advice me to work in to learn ? 


Should I first learn all the basics like boiling water ? ;) 


Any advice on this will be very much appreciated. 





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If you can't currently cook "which is my interpretation when you say can't boil water" why do you think you'd want to become a chef?  It seems to me the foundation for becoming a chef is a person that has a passion for cooking. 


However I love to cook but don't think I'd like being a chef.  All the extra pressure of cooking for paying customers, standards, running the whole kitchen, the hours, etc just doesn't appeal to me.  I like to cook at my own pace for friends and family. 


Having said that though if you do have the desire to become a chef I don't think age has anything to do with it.  The only thing about age is the older we get the more responsibility and it makes it harder to switch careers and take a pay cut. 


Before you make a big decision like that though I'd suggest trying to get a part time job on the weekends or something at a restaurant and see how you like it. 

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Find a PT job in the dish pit somewhere, watch and learn. You can only go up from there.

Oh, almost forgot, DON'T Quit Your Day Job Just Yet!

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