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Cooking and Knife Enthusiast

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I am an avid home cook and and chemical engineer.  I've Googled into ChefTalk several times in the past few years in search of reviews on woks and pro-style gas ranges. Three weeks ago I discovered the Cooking Knife Review forum and I am in heaven.  I have been an avid knife sharpener since Cub Scouts and an avid cook and knife user since Boy Scouts in the 60's. My avocations merged a few years later when my father gave my mother a set of ultra-hard chrome vanadium knives that were initially very sharp, but that I later found impossible to keep sharp with a steel or oil stone. 


My favorite cuisines to cook (and eat) are Mom's comfort food, American Classics, Italian and Chinese but I dabble in French, Danish, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese. Cheese and chocolate are my favorite ingredients. My earliest teachers were Julia Child, Graham Kerr, Marcella Hazan, and Ken Hom -- thank you very much PBS.  I enjoy good cookware and the physics behind it.  I have toyed with sous vide,  but I am not heavily into modernist cuisine.  I do enjoy food science (my chemical engineering genes)  and have been a fan of Harold McGee since his first book.


I have just read the tip of the iceberg in the knife forum.  So far every question I wanted to ask has already been, and excellently answered.  It will take me some months to digest it all and ask something original.

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Al.

AH, another lurker joins the fold, I’m so happy you decided to join us.

Isn’t this place the best?  I did the same thing, everytime I did a google search, I was brought to CT.  A~MAZ~ING!

I know already that you have a firm grasp on what’s what around here, so I won’t go into the BLAH BLAH BLAH.

Only to say, have a blast and I hope to chat with you OUTSIDE of the knife forum.

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Thanks for the welcome.  Yes, I was a serious lurker, but the general civility and high quality of discussions at Cheftalk convinced be to jump in.  Life is too short to deal with trolls.


I'm sure I will participate in other forums as my attention drifts to other obsessions, but unfortunately my work schedule limit my time for cooking and blogging.

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