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Honeycomb recipe - I have a few questions

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First a quick background
I am using

100g caster sugar
3 large tbspn golden syrup
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

Boil sugar and syrup to 150c then quickly stir in the bicarbonate and pour.

Q1. I always end up with little white lumps of bicarbonate even though I do pre- sieve it. May be I am scared of losing all the frothing action and abandoning
the stirring too quickly. Do I have a bit more time to do this - currently I am probably trying to do it in about 2 to 3 seconds
Q2 I poured it into a lined loaf tin and got an amazing high volume initially, but after a few minutes it went down and down so eventually it became a honeycomb receptacle with sloping inwards sides. Is this expected or is it suppose to hold its structure a bit more.
Q3 . It's also very dark inside and lighter on the outside is that normal
Q4. How do they make it like in cadburys crunchie bars with a much smoother texture and smaller bubbles - I suspect for one thing they cook it lower than 150 because its lighter in colour than mine
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1) Stir it more, maybe use a whisk with more wires so you get a more complete whisk faster.

2) I believe that the falling is due to the loss of air volume when cooled. It always happens to mine aswell. I'm not too sure on this.

3) The darkness inside is due to the volume, cooking inside still while the outside is cooler. If it bothers you, try adding less bicarb so it doesn't raise so much. This might also help with 4, as it won't inflate as much, in theory making the bubbles smaller.

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thanks for the reply RDM Magic.

I'll try your suggestions

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The recipe I use is:

8oz golden syrup

12oz sugar

2oz butter

1tbsp water

1tsp white wine vinegar

2tsp bi carb


Melt syrup, butter, water, sugar and vinegar in a pan and caramelise until a drop of the mixture hardens in a glass of cold water. Then take off the heat and quickly whisk in the bi carb whilst pouring into tin. Then leave for a couple of hours to set.

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