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new korean restaurant

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just a bit of an overview on my current job.  I have 3 years expeirence and 2 yrs on the line. I landed a job in a brand new korean place and was working efore the place even opened i have 12 dishes on my line consisting for 3 hotel pans with ice and 9 pans two ranges and an oven.  its definatly a challenging job considering the chef just got out of the hosipitol after getting menigitus so we were compleatly flying solo and at the will of the over controling owner now chef is back and so is my enthusiasm just a few questions how clean is line supposed to stay? i do my best to wipe shit down and keep everything looking shiney while tickets are coming at me and i have to saute do hot pot bibenbops and roll kimbop but the guy on grill sees to have sauce everywhere and touches raw meat all the time then unraw stuff ive only worked in clean kitchens and its difficult to stay motivated all the time when the other cooks are quite messy but when i have a messy station (even when all the food comes out great i still feel ashamed and see andre soltner, jaques pepin and grant achatz looking at me in shame at the end of the night.  its also difficult because usually the hoods are dirty and the walk in is a constant battle.  any words of advice for a 21 year old cook with a drive to be great?

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I've been in pretty much the same boat and the best advice I can give you is to hold on to your standards, but understand in some situations you won't always be able to meet them. Take away from this place what you can, learn as much as possible, and change it for the better when the opportunity arises. Keep the problems you see in the back of your mind and don't form bad habits for when you move on.

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