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Starting a New Company

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New to catering but, not cooking.  Never owned a restaurant .I live in a small town. When i inquired about different restaurant for lease here in town the door was shut in my face because, the owners still have other places and didn't want anymore compatition  to there business. So i decided to do catering all we have is a bbq,subway,quiznos for that.  And to simply i bought a used bread truck for the business. Still putting it together. And with catering being seasonal here. I made plans when ready to set up my truck on the square to advertise my business and sell food so people could try my food. And be willing to hire me for events. Now i have changed my mind again, To make catering my second job and just have a food truck on the square.That way i could maximize the food truck. Now i'm stump on food for this truck has to be healthy,fresh. fast,easy    Any suggestions. All we have here is a italian,mexican,pizzahut,kc,steak house.  And a couple of huge factories that i could get there business for lunch.

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On the face of it, sounds like youre shopping for expensive clothes before being invited to the party. rolleyes.gif


Do you have ANY applicable food background to call on or are you totally speculating on your ability to

do this, based solely on your interest, motivation, and an intimate familiarity with your own home kitchen?

For starters food truck ops/direct sales is a completely different critter than catering, in general.

And both are galaxies apart from home cooking, even if youre exceptionally good at it.

And besides inquiring about leases, have you done any other research into what's required in your state county

province etc, like health laws/fees, permits, licensing, insurance, resale license etcetera?


My initial advice is to find a way to see what you're getting into without spending money.

This means working for....or even staging for (same thing only for free) a local caterer or two, stressing

your interest in the food service business, not your interest in becoming his or her competitor.

Secondly getting some hands on in a fixed establishment too, (restaurant) even if it's doing prep or

sanitation. Experience on a truck would be great if you can get it.

And lastly but not leastly, read some good books on these things--this site alone has extensive intensive

threads on catering, food trucks, and restaurants from a "running your own business" standpoint.

Not to mention MANY referrals to the best books out there. Search the archives here and get the flavor of

the dishes before trying to wolf down the whole menu..



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Wasnt clear before sorry, have 16 years cooking experience via line ,short order,buffet. Have some college gourmet cooking and catering so that is why im interested in this adventure to me the possibilitues are unless. But at the same time don't want to go into to many directions. And a food service truck is a poor man's restaurant lol
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As a former food truck owner to another food truck owner, I'm going to give you some constructive criticism. I hope you take it well...

Work on your grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. I had a really hard time understanding much in that original post. You're going to get a lot of emails from other companies and professionals inquiring about your services. You'll want to interact with them in a professional matter and this is critical to the success of your business!


If it were me, and I wanted you to cater an event for me and you sent me an email like that, I'd look elsewhere.



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if you are going to start a catering services,you should carry out any kind of methods which has not been presented by anyone in the country. It will make you differ from others.I got some suggestions for you.
Popcorn bars are elaborately spiced and flavored popcorn started showing up at events in 2012, and caterers predict even more in 2013 and chocolate Strawberry (fresh strawberries hand dipped in a divine warm chocolate bath) is also getting part of trend in our country.


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It is scary, but if it is your passion follow it. The best advice I can offer is to get input from all spheres. Ensure that your costing and portion control is up to standard, because this is where you are likely to lose money. Start small, and keep quality consistent. Try to keep within your limits and grow from there. Welcome to the industry!

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