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Kitchen Job ,Parenting,and School

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I am more than likely going to be getting this job I was offered working in a restaurant kitchen, its part time. I am also going to be back at school during the fall part time too. I am curious to know if there are any moms here who have done similar? I am hoping this.goes well. My husband is a disabled veteran now stay at home dad so they'll always be with one of us. I know it's usually the dad who does this,so I don't mind responses from the fellows. . I am hoping to hear from others mom students / cooks. I am also nervous because I haven't worked in a kitchen since teen years and KP in the army lol.
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Jessica, you are not alone. I too, work an average of 30 hours per week in the kitchen, studying master in education full time, and solo parent of 5 children between the ages of 8-21. It is tough. But i have a routine. 7-12 am do my domestic work (Cleaning, cooking, laundr & list goes on...). 12:30-5pm go to university. 6-11 go to work. I do this from wed-sunday. Monday & tuesday after I've done my domestic work, I stay at the uni till 9pm and go home and help kids on their homework. I integrate my social life with work and Uni. I have been doing this since 2008 when I started my diploma course. I am graduating this December and I felt that i have done something! I am still going and Next year i plan to do a Phd. So, I challenge you to beat my record! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

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JessicaSkyler, it's definitely no picnic! I'm currently a single parent. I've graduated from culinary school and will be going back to school in the Fall. I've also, always kept a job.  Please, please, please! Don't forget to take some time for yourself! that's all I can really say. (There've been times where I seriously felt burnt out.)  On the bright side there is a stay-at-home dad so the sky's the limit! Good luck!

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