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Traveling to Asia

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I need some advice.  I have been to Europe for 6 months, went to culinary school in Lyon, France.  I ate at 5 michelin starred restaurants in Europe and I learned a lot by just eating at them.  I read and ate as many of the local dishes as I could, but after returning to the US, I feel like I didn't absorb as much of the cuisine as I could had. 


I am planning a trip to Asia in the fall and I was wondering what other chefs do when they are abroad to absorb as much of the cuisine as possible.  Should I focus on doing stages?  Should I try everything in sight?  Take notes as often as possible?

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When you go to asia eat a ton of street food, even if you are in fine dining, there is a lot more to be learned by eating what the real people of the country eat than going to a 3 star.   Take notes and pictures at markets/resaurants/etc

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