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I just got a job as an executive pastry chef at a bar and grill thats opening up. the owner said that i can have what ever equipment i need, but i have no idea whats the best and what to look for. If someone can give me web sites or brands tht would really help

i need icecream makers, industrial mixers, ovens(for breads and cakes) ,proofer, and if theres anything you think im missing i would really really really appreciate the help.



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Brands found in most kitchens
Robot coupe
Vitamix vitaprep
Kitchenaid pro
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what's your menu going to look like?  If the kitchen is being built from the ground up, do you know whether pastry has it's own section? Or will you be sharing your cooler, freezer and prep space with the hot side of the house?  You don't want to put a fried something on the menu and find out you're sharing the fryolator that is frying fish (allergy issues). Go to a local restaurant supply, they often have recommendations and help with setting up a kitchen.

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Yes, decide on what you will be making before anything. Breads?? just desserts? Ice cream too.. the list goes on. Visualize yourself making your production run and see what you would need, with mixers, bigger is better, at least a 20 quart and a kitchen aide too.
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Fluctuat nec mergitur
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