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Sharpening help

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Hi all.

I stumbled across this forum when looking to purchase my first Japanese knife. However I have not yet purchased one as I have been wanting to practice my sharpening.

I have a spyderco tri-angle sharpener and while it seems to sharpen my old knives it seems to take ages and I am not too consistent at keeping the edge the same throughout the sharpening process (guess its my wonky eyes). I was wondering would a rig style system be better for me or is the freehand sharpening worth looking into. I don't see the point of getting a nice knife if I can't sharpen it.

So what do people think of the rig systems? Is there one that is going to be better than the other??

Thanks in advance for your time

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There are a few good tool and jig sharpening systems which would serve you well.  They are the Edge Pro Apex, Edge Pro Professional, and the Wicked Edge.  Edge Pro sharpening quality is as good as most freehand sharpeners can do, but is significantly easier to learn.  If price matters, the Edge Pro Essentials Kit as sold by CKtG is probably your best option. 



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Thanks BDL! Just got to ship it to the uk now.
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