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Older newbie, just starting out

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Hi all,

I'm a career changer who's just starting out in the culinary world. After reading a few posts and seeing so much great advice and guidance it seemed like a great idea to join the group. One day it'd be great to be a knowledgeable (?) contributor, but for now I'm just hoping to learn as much as possible during my upcoming year of culinary training here in New Zealand. I'm also hoping to secure part-time work as a kitchen hand while I'm studying.

I've gone over (and over) the pro's and cons of training vs pure industry experience and feel I'm making the best choice for me. We'll see I guess!
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You're going to like it here, but dont feel you have to wait to contribute. comment on all the threads you see and start one if you have a subject dear to your heart, or something you're passionate about.

Look forward to hearing from you

You might want to nip into  the introducing forum. its a good place to start


Good luck with the part time kitchen job. let us know how that goes

"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
"If we're not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?" Jo Brand
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Thanks bighut, will do. Re the job, I should have an idea on Monday how likely I am to get it. The obvious difficulty is having no professional experience and, while we all start somewhere, that may be the limiting factor in their eyes. Fingers crossed...!
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Yea..., so that'd be bughut - sorry, typo frown.gif
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Hi there, just found/joined this forum and saw your post after posting an intro myself. It jumped out at me 'cause I'm older/a career changer as well. I completed a 13 week intensive culinary program almost a year ago now, and that's been very helpful. I expect that without training it would be a much slower and more difficult to achieve any advancement in the field. I don't know what the NZ equivalent might be, but one very important and useful thing I accomplished in the class here in the U.S. was to gain ServSafe certification, which provides proof that I have proficient knowledge in the areas of food safety and kitchen sanitation. Since it sounds like I have just a little bit of a head start on you, I'd be happy to share experiences that might be useful to you. Best of luck to you in your new career and maybe we'll see each other in the forums. 



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Hi Tones,

Thanks for the info - greatly appreciate you taking the time to add your thoughts mate.

The course I'm doing soon covers the NZ equivalent of ServSafe fairly early on, and then covers (or at least touches on) everything from salads through to desserts and also has front of house and work experience. The second year, if I was to do it, would be to Diploma level and would get into the managerial side of things while expanding upon existing skills and knowledge.

Really looking forward to it!

For now, I need to simply get my gear together, get to grips with using it all and learning as much as possible.

If there are any newbie tips/tricks that will be helpful/beneficial I'd definitely be keen to hear them!

Cheers, Tony
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