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Back in the Industry

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I thought I could stay away. But it's in my blood it seems. After 12 years of working every sector of restaurants and lodges and catering companies I bowed out. Packed my knives away. And now I'm back. New business, sharing my knowledge with others. Here we go!

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Aloha Emily, Welcome to Chef Talk.

So glad that you’ve joined all of us, it is all about sharing, isn’t it?

What type of new business have you gone into?  I’m also curious as to your choice in culinary experience, ‘other’, how would you categorize yourself?  I’m sure that we’d all like to hear a lot more, please feel free to jump in or start a thread of your own.  You may want to try the search bar at the top of the page, CT has been around for 10 + years, plenty has been talked about.

Check out on Face Book as well as Pinterest too, pretty interesting stuff going on there too.

Happy cooking!

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