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Bread question

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Im in the process of ordering a new mixer. Considering either one with a 100 liter bowl and a alt 40 liter bowl. Or, a 60 liter bowl with no seconend bowl. The question, how many 800gram loaves of bread can I yield from the 60 liter bowl. Without stressing the machine. I want to produce aprox 50 loaves. So, is the 60 liter enough? Also the difference in price is about 8k dollars.
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It depends on the brand of mixer. Some that will accept a 60 liter bowl might not have the strength to do a large batch while others might. What else will you be using the mixer for besides breads, and what brands have you looked at.


Carlton Brooks CCE, CEPC, ACE

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Its a björnblandare AR60 standard. Brand new, 3hp. 400volts. 50 hz 1850watts. Cost 15 about 15000$, we had a 25% VAT here. Iöl use it for the bread, whipping potatos and other root vegies, dressings and mayo typt sauses. Not ordering any attachments but and ordering a heavy duty whip for the potatos and a 30 liter bucket for smaller batches like cakes , muffins and merangues and such. It is " the brand" to buy in sweden
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