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Canneles de Bordeaux

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Has anyone here ever made these? I am not certain how I came across them but I am baking them for the first time, today and I am SO looking forward to it! I would love to hear from folks who have made these. There is no way I could afford the copper moulds for a first time recipe so I am having to do it in Silicon. but, anything that creates it's own crust with butter and beeswax MUST be luscious (I'm a beekeeper so it really appeals to me<G>)

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OK, talking to myself but here is what I have learned today. 1) these are FABULOUS! 2) use less wax than you think you'll need 3) you are baking near 450, don't use parchment paper (no, no fire, just a thought) 4) leave it in the oven longer than you think you should, it NEEDS to be DARK brown.


OH MY these are delicious! I went inexpensive and use silicone. no way I could justify metal moulds to the spousal unit until we had tried them. but, I'll be picking up some metal moulds a few at a time and using them regularly! WOW, these are fantastic!! Of course, that much Vanilla, it could not be bad!

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yeah they are very delicious,

everytime  i work in another restaurant its the first thing i make.




if there are 40 costumers coming to eat i bake like 60 of them, just in case the waiters eat to much of them :-)

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You're RIGHT! of all the things I have recently made in my bit by bit exploration of French desserts, this one is THE best received! I took a container of 8 small ones, about 1" in diameter. he ate all 8 of them in less than an hour!  It was hilarious!


I have a high school reunion coming up. they decided to have a dessert contest so I signed up. taking Canelles. I almost feel like I am cheating! Most folks re bringing Dump It cake and Banana Pudding. Of course, I really think competitions should be on some kind of common ground. I'm a BBQ Judge. while everyone has their own recipes, all the categories are standardized in some way. Then again, a desert contest that involved everyone competing with the same dessert would be boring!  What I wish we were doing is sharing recipes! Cause I LOVE recipes!


Anyway, this is a fantastic dish! I am still trying to time it right. I can't seem to leave it in the oven long enough. I am always afraid I have let it burn. when I finally can't stand it, anymore, I pull it out, unmould them and think, 10 more minutes, next time. but they are still yummy! I am very excited about the day when I finally leave them in long enough to have the correct crust!

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yeah, once you got it right, it will always be perfect


except if you use a different oven offcourse.



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Keep good notes. I experimented with a cople of recipes for several months before getting reliable results. One key item that few seem to discus is batter temp.

Also experiment with different booze. Rhum may be best but other flavors are also interesting.
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for alll whose interested,( or to compare)  here is my recipe 


2100 ml  sweetened condensed milk

2640 gr granulated sugar

1500 gr flour                                                                         incorporate everything 

18 eggs

12 egg yolks

1060 ml  brown rhum


18 vannilabeans opened,scraped (use seed and bean)

3600 ml water

360 gr butter                                                                    bring to a boil and let infuse for 15 minutes

360gr whole milk powder


keep the vannillabeans aside, then mix everything together well and sieve

then add the beans back into the mixture and let it mature for 48 hours minimum


baking depends on cannelé mould size, and type of oven (i use silicon moulds)


i do 10 minutes 200°c

then i turn them around ( 180° )

10 minutes more on 200°c

turn them around again

then 5 minutes on 230°c



any questions, just ask

(im not american so pardon me for the grammar) 

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How many canneles does your recipe make?

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I have made these in silicone and in the copper molds with the beeswax.  The two french chefs I work with are horrified when I suggest I prefer doing them in the silicone molds.  I don't spray or wax the molds, only preheat them before filling them with batter.

When I did the traditional version, I realized that baking with beeswax, which has a lower smoke point, creates quite a lot of smoke and mess in your oven since you do need to bake canneles at high temps.  This was bearable at work with the great exhaust system, but not sure I would want to try it in my home stove.

I also had endless problems with them sticking to the molds.  We tried many suggestions for seasoning the copper molds, but we always had 20-30% waste because they would not unmold properly.  

I love canneles, but am quite happy with the results from silicone molds and don't think the copper ones were worth the hassle.

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depends on the size of your molds but i think somewhere between 300 and 400 cannelés
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Well, I'm guessing that is a restaurant recipe<grin> meanwhile, someone mentioned the batter starting temp. My recipes all simply say allow batter to sit one hour to come to room temp. So, this means that the starting temp might be room temp or a few degrees below, but room temp varies with season and how long the oven has been on.

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Originally Posted by passionforfood View Post
for alll whose interested,( or to compare) here is my recipe 

Thanks for recipe

My personal blog about tea: Tea Time


My personal blog about tea: Tea Time

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Even at high temps, I never had smoke. Beeswax burns clean plus, blended with butter helps, too. I need to get in there and make a batch soon. I really want more.  I have been focusing on bread and meat pies lately

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