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Gluten free bread

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I'm hoping to find a really good recipe for gluten free bread--the ones I've tried so far (and a package mix) were no where near what I hoped for, ending up more cake-like than bread-like, too dense and crumbly. Here' how the last one looked after baking:




It did not rise as much as I would have liked either, although it included two eggs and gaur gum, which were supposed to yield the proper rise.


Flavour was just okay, nothing special and it was made using sorghum flour, potato starch, a little bit of rice flour and some barley flour. Yeast was used as well, and honey as the sweetener, and olive oil in place of shortening or butter.


Anyone have an ideal recipe to offer? I love all types of bread, but want to try avoiding wheat for a while.




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A lot of low carb recipes are also gluten free. Try googling LOW CARB BREAD RECIPE and see what you come up with. I own a lot of low carb cookbooks and some of the recipes are really outstanding.

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Thanks I'll try that!

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sorry to tell you, but there's really no such thing as a "good" gluten free bread. udi's and Rudi's make decent ones. when you make gluten free breads they do not rise very well as they are a batter rather than a dough. structure is different. King Arthur has a decent recipe collection for gluten free, as does Land of Lakes butter. And for what it's worth if your doing this as you have celiac disease, barley is a no go. it contains gluten.



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Thanks, I learned about the barley although it is low in gluten compared to wheat and I do not suffer from Celiac disease (fortunately) but sometimes visitors do, and I was actually trying to see if it was even possible to enjoy certain things without eating any wheat products--which is extremely difficult. I was growing to believe that I would not find a decent recipe for gluten free breads and I am going to try a store bought loaf to see if they have succeeded, and if they have, then I shall continue researching and testing--if not, I'll just use up the products that I've purchased to date in other recipes and give up.

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I have been gluten free for some time now and I am STILL searching for a good GF bread recipe.  If you ever find one PLEASE share with me :)

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I will post one if I come across one, but for the moment still searching.....

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Rudi's has now tweaked their recipes and the bread is much better. They also now make some good, soft tortilla like wraps, thin and pliable.

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Interesting, we don't get that brand here in Montreal however. I might find it when I travel down to NY state, so I'll check it out there.

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Thanks for the link!


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