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Hi All,


I am new on this forum and hope to get a lot of information out of this. I only cook at home but really enjoy it when I get the time to fully absorb myself in it.


Part of the reason of joining this forum is that I want to know where to buy good quality cooking equipment for a reasonable price. 


I ordered some stuff from and they took my money but I never received the goods. I've tried to phone them, email them but had no luck. Has any of you ever bought anything from them? 


Could any of you please give me some names of more trustworthy companies where I can buy equipment?


Many Thanks.

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are you from the UK? or in the general area of europe? then try korin france or

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I'm living in the UK so prefer buying in the UK.

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from what I've read, most UK sellers are grossly overpriced, according to those who i've talked to that are from the UK. 


They all just buy from the sites I've mentioned to save a good amount of money.


If I were you, you should go to brick and mortar shops that sells knives and find ones that you like by way of feel and holding onto them. Then maybe looking for them or something similar on the sites I mentioned.

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Originally Posted by gjchef View Post


I'm living in the UK so prefer buying in the UK.

Hello there! I live in Belgium and years ago, I searched everywhere on the internet where to buy good knives; on French, German and Japanese websites, even a few sites based in the UK. 

One retailer seemed to win from all other companies when it came to comparing prices;

I discovered later on that JCK as this company is known too, is highly valued by knife enthousiasts. I met a lot of them on this knifeforum;


I bought nearly all my knives from JCK and never ever had any trouble. The fascinating thing is that your knives will arrive on your doorstep within a week! Their record was sending me knives within 3 days!!

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