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Mac Pro vs. Hiromoto G3

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I have been itching to buy a new knife

Having a Mac Pro mighty 9.5 chefs knife, I know how wonderful these mac knives are.

That being said I have been eyeing the hiromoto g3 line, having a hiromoto aogami super 120mm petty, i know the great value these knives are but I'm looking at buying stainless, reason being I like not having to worry about my knives on the line and sometimes I don't have the time to wipe down my knifes right away.

Can anyone compare the mac pro to the hiromoto g3?

Does anyone own a hiromoto g3 and what are your thoughts?

I'm looking at a 150mm/6 in petty

Also can anyone recommend a good 270mm sujihiki that isn't going to break the bank? (I realize the obvious choice of Tojiro dp, just trying to explore my options.)

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got this sujihiki a while back for the price i was happy though i still think i should have sprung for the one that was twice as much, but for the price of this one and how it preforms I am still happy. comes sharp right out of the box just like MACs do.

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I got my Suisin Sujihiki as a gift from one of my old chefs and it might be my favorite knife that I own.  Granted its a bit pricier than the Tojiro, but the weight is great and the edge stays sharp.  It's not very flashy but it gets the job done.

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