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Buying my first "good" knives

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Hello all.


I'm 22 and just graduated from college. I've got a pretty sweet job lined up, so I have a reasonable amount of disposable income. Since I know good knives will last me forever (and from what I understand, sharper blades are actually safer), I figure I might as well upgrade from my okay quality knives to really good ones.


Right now I'm just looking into a chef's knife (or whatever the Japanese equivalent is), though I'm also interested in "sets" if people have strong recommendations. I'd prefer not to spend upwards of $150 on the chef's knife, though I could potentially be talked into it.


What are people's recommendations? Do I want to go with European or Japanese blades, and why? Is there a generally accepted hierarchy of brands within this price range (ie Wusthof might be better than Zwillig, etc.).


Thanks a lot!

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Congratulations on graduating and getting a job!


I'd suggest searching a little, and reading archives, because this kind of question gets asked a lot.  You might  say more about what you want to do with your knives (cleave chickens in half?  mince watercress?),  A lot of these questions about style and brand come down to personal skills and preferences.


The general advice you'll get is to buy individually, not in sets, and to figure out sharpening first.  You'll find lots in the archives on sharpening.

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Do you like heavy knives? (wusthof) or light? (global)


Soft steel or hard steel? 


do you know how to maintain a knife?


have you thought about what stone/ sharpening steel you are going to buy?

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