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Mundial mundigrips

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I camp and do a lot of Camp Dutch Oven cooking as well as a lot of BBQ. I'm looking for a inexpensive knife set to throw in my chuck box and have been looking at this set by mad cow cutlery.
Does anyone have any experience with these knives?
And suggestions are appreciated also I have 2 teenage boys that help with the prep and cooking so that probably will throw a curve in any good knife!
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Having a steel in a kit is not only nice, but necessary.  Don't think it's more than it is, though.  If you want knives sharp enough for comp, you're going to have to actually sharpen them and fairly often.      


MundiGrips are made from a marginal alloy, and are marginal when it comes to taking and holding an edge.  I don't think they're good enough for regular home or professional use, if you can afford better.  


As knives which stay in the comp kit... a tougher call.  For one thing, you're going to sharpen them before every comp.  Right?


If you're thinking of keeping the set for a long time, and can afford some extra bucks, you'd do better with "Foschener by Victorinox" Fibrox.   You could also choose the profiles and sizes which suit you best and stay away from a diamond steel forever.  And think about an electric knife for doing presentation slicing if you don't have good slicing skills, since two minutes before turn in is a crap time to start learning.


On the other hand, the set isn't really horrible, and the selection looks fairly useful -- even if it isn't what I'd choose for myself. 


You could do better, you could do worse. 



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I can afford more however going in the chuck box in the camper and with 2 careless teenage boys that help with prep work I dont want to buy top quality especially if they forget them at the wash station!
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