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New Knife Set

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I’m looking to buy a new knife set, and looking for advice. I am a full time apprentice and use my knives constantly throughout the week. I’m careful with my knives at work and never chip them. I’m looking for something extremely sharp, most likely Japanese, to use at work. I also want recommendations of any knife at any price, money is not a factor when buying these knives



I’m looking for about 6 knives for my kit but I am also open to opinions as to what to have in my kit. I’m thinking

·         Chefs Knife

·         Paring Knife

·         Boning Knife (Flexible)

·         Boning Knife (Stiff)

·         Bread Knife

·         Carving/Slicing Knife

·         Nakiri/Utility/Small Santoku Knife


I have used several different chefs’ knives at work

·         Whustoff Ikon Series - I found the knives were not fantastic at holding their edge and I am not fantastic at sharpening my knives. I also cannot live without my knives for long periods of time so sending them away to get professionally sharpening isn’t an option (and I also can’t afford it really)

·         Tojiro Flash Series – Loved these knives however I got really nervous of taking them to work so I would rather not use them at work

·         Shun Classic Series - These knives were also fantastic in my opinion at holding their edge and I also have a soft spot for the Damascus look. Unfortunately, these knives made my hands hurt after allot of use and I felt the handle still was uncomfortable



Also, just to make it interesting for all knife enthusiasts, I have a very weird OCD where all my knives have to be the same brand and series. I understand that it isn’t the most convenient way to collect my knives and I may not get the best collection, but it is still what I want


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Just go to cutlery and  You will find anything you need plus package deals.

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