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Hello everyone! 


I´m new here and excited about sharing my knife setup. I´m a home cook (the culinary equivalent of a noob), but I´m keen on learning everything concerning knife brands and types, sharpening systems,honing and sharpening steels, waterstones, oil stones, diamond stones etc., cutting boards and technique. 


Knives: I´ve got a Victorinox Forschner 8" Chef, Calphalon 7" slicer and 6" chef, a 5" Wusthof grand prix II santoku and a Wusthof paring knife, a no name bread knife and a cleaver. I also recently got a Messermeister San Moritz 9" chef knife which I bought with my sharpening tools. 


Cutting board: I got a nice, big bamboo cutting board (but I really would like a thick, end-grain cutting board). I keep my knives on a magnetic strip.


Sharpening: I bought a Messermeister 12" ceramic rod (1200 grit), a lousy 120/240 grit oil stone, an 8 inch DMT Duosharp plus bench stone (two sided: 325/800 grit) and an 8" DMT Dia-Sharp Continouos diamond (1800 grit). I use a good, but old leather belt for stroping, but no compound.


So that´s my setup. I have a couple of questions:


1. Sharpening: Do I need a finer grit? If so, I would like to get a waterstone that would be around 4000 grit, but I´ve heard that anything finer than 4000 grit is a waste of money. Is that true? And should I get some kind of compound for my strop? If so, do you recommend any brand?


2. I wanted to get into the knife thing so I decided to go with a workhorse (german, good old X50CrMoV15) and got a Messermeister instead of a laser (Japanese). The thought being that the softer steel would need more sharpening and I would like to get comfortable with the german before getting into the whole japanese thing. 


That being said, I just cant keep my eyes off of those knives and my wishlist overfloweth with an assortment of all kinds of japs. 

The most sought after being:


-MAC 9 1/2" Professional French Chef Knife

-Kasumi 88024 10" Chef Knife

-Shun DM0707 Classic 10" Chef knife

- and a Sabatier 10" Carbon steel Chef knife (I know, not Japanese but I really want that one).


Has anyone any experience with any of these knives? Do you recommend any other japanese knives (besides Global)?


Best regards,