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A new member's intro

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Hi fellow members of ChefTalk,

As a new member, I would like to introduce myself. I am dadodachef12. I am a professional chef who worked in the industry for 35+ years in different countries such as, Manila, Dubai, Vanuatu, Western Samoa, Australia, Oregon USA, American Samoa, Singapore and now I am in New Zealand working in an Italian restaurant. I also teach professional cookery and I am a hospitality education scholar. After reading the members discussion in the forum. I thought that the discussions were very interesting and very real. Thats why I decided to join and shre some of my experiences as well as learn from the experiences of other members. I think this is a great website. Thanks for the opportunity!!-dadodachef12 

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Aloha, Welcome dadodachef12 to Chef Talk.

That is some travel map you got goin’ on there!

And Italian in NZ?  I hope that you will share more on that topic, also, I hope that you will visit the Culinary Students forums and possibly share your wisdom there?

Chef Talk has been around for 10+ years, most recently CT can be found on Face Book and Pinterest, maybe you will visit there as well.

As A Home Cook, I have learned so much here, I just love it, I’m sure that you will too.  Once again, welcome.

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Welcome! I am a new member myself trying to navigate this intense world! You seem to have an awesome background and am excited to learn more of your stories and experiences!

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