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New Sharpener- Questions

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Attempted to sharpen my first knife last night with a 1.2k bester stone. My knife is the new Wa Gyuoto Artifex (Fujiwara FKM stainless). The grind on it when I received it appears to be extremely asymetric, to the point I really can't see it on parts of the left side. I started to sharpen on the left side using the magic marker trick and I'm pretty sure I had the angle correct but it was kind of hard to tell due to how small the edge (bevel?) is. I think I raised a burr and switched to the right side. It was a little more difficult to tell if I raised a burr on this side. I think I did but can't swear to it. What are my next steps after this. I've read posts about chasing the burr but couldn't find them when I went looking, didn't have a lot of time. Do I continue to sharpen each side until the burr will flip with minimal number of strokes? when do I deburr? I also have a 5k Rika but didn't use it because I wanted to clarify some steps first. Also, any tips on how to tell for sure if I raised a burr? Thanks
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I would suggest starting frankly above the edge, at a lower angle. As the very edge is polished, you may see whether the very edge has been reached by verifying the scratch pattern.
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hi as a chef i know it is important to keep you knifes sharp but if u are unsure on to do it u should practice on and cheap knife first till you get the idea because if done wrong you can damage your knife..... this is how i learnt to keep my knifes sharp hope its helpful....

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you may find this knife sharpening playlist helpful:


there is a video that cover burr formation and removal among many other things

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Thanks all, I've reviewd the video and very informative. The entire series is excellent
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