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Norton IB-8 -> What next for HD2 and AEB-L

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I am fairly new to sharpening and totally a newb in Japanese knifes. Reading this forum and some others I acquired Kono HD2 240mm and Norton IB-8 combi stone for the initial sharpening. In near future I am thinking of getting a petty made of SS AEB-L. Also I own some other cheap kitchen knives and few camping ones (Buck/Opinel/Laguiole) all in SS.

The question is what should be the next stone after the IB-8 and what kind to finish the sharpening.

I do not have a very high budget and being in Canada does not help, shipping costs and possible border taxes are limiting my choices.

I was looking in to

King 47506 1000/6000 for $40 – Looks like a good price

Some Extra Fine DMT plates – I like the option coz of low maintenance but I am not sure if DMT is a good option as I did not see many users recommend it

Naniwa SS 1000/5000 for $90 - but this is quite high price for me

Naniwa SS 5000 for $77  - I would say that this is my price limit. Never the less it seems that the jump from Fine India to 5000 grit is quite big


Also the are some other brands around, which I never heard of…


Any recommendation/suggestions alternative options?


Thanks in advance

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The Norton IB-8 is NOT a good stone for any Konosuke.   India stones are too slow and too scratchy for just about any of the modern, hard, strong alloys used in the kind of high-end knives made in Japan and by better western makers as well.  And, just in case you're wondering, that very specifically includes HD2 and AEB-L.


You should be using water stones, preferably of very good quality.  Naniwa SS is fine (presumably you're looking at Paul's Finest).  I'm a big fan of the SS series up to 5K, and in my opinion you can't really do better for cheaper.  There are other stones just as good at around the same price which provide some differences... but other than Knifewear, and Canadian Amazon, I'm not really sure where to look in Canada.  


And if money is a big problem you, you can get away with a fairly inexpensive water stones for the time being.  Even Steelex (Amazon) -- which is pretty far down the ladder -- would be better for your knife than Norton India. 


Combination stones like the Naniwa 1K/5K, and King 1K/6K (if you can find one in Canada) are a way of saving money in terms of immediate outlay, but they are less convenient than single stones, more fragile, and get flattened to nothing so quickly that they end up being more expensive.  In your case though, the lower buy-in might make a combination stone the best option.


Also, unless you're planning on doing some major profiling right off the best, or already took the coarse side of the IB-8 to the knife, you can get away without a coarse water stone for awhile.     


The knife will take, hold, and perform better with a higher polish, for example I take my two HDs to 8K on stones, and sometimes finer still on loaded strops.  But when you're talking about a Konosuke laser "perform better" needs some context.  Your Kono will perform brilliantly at the 5K level. 


My suggestion is bite the bullet, buy the Naniwa 1K/5K combo, and use it til you master it.  When you do, your sharpening skills will be good enough for you to not only add a coarse stone but to think about whether you want to switch to separates.   


Be aware, that you NEED some method for flattening before you use any water stone for the first time.  The least expensive, decent method is 3M drywall screen.  Messy as hell, but cheap and effective.  A lifetime supply of screen can probably be had for around 15 CAD. 


Hope this helps,


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Thanks boar_d_laze for your input and some interesting information. I guess I will use the Norton stone to practice on my cheap knifes before I move to Kono and get the SS 1K/5K. For the stone flatting process I heard the drywall screen method before and I am willing to give it a try, any particular grid to use?

Also I found this stone on - Woodstock D1130 1K/6K do you know anything about it, does it worth $45 ($30 cheaper then SS)? And what abt diamond stones/plates are they bad medium for Japanese steel?

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Thanks to a link from another post, I found another Canadian retailer that sells sharpening stones.

Will this comobo be a good choice for the above mentioned steels?
Bester 1K + Imanishi 4K - $110

or may be

King 1K or 1.2K + Imanishi 4K - $90


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