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New to the forums here


I'm a 26 year old engineer who likes to cook and bake in his spare time.  Will most likely have a lot of questions on technique as I'm self/youtube taught so far.


Also, I find that I am terrible at judging portion sizes, so I'll probably have a lot of questions on storage as well :)

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk.

Questions are a good thing, my DH says that I ask WAY too many questions, but I’m the type of person who wants to know the whys and hows in life.

Did you check out on Face Book and Pinterest yet?  Fabulous!

Please take a moment to review the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines and should you have any questions in regards to the site itself, please post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum. 

About the forums, folks not employed in the food industries are asked to read only there.

I hope to see some of your handy work in the kitchen very soon in the Galleries.  After all, it’s all about the sharing of all things food here. 

Once again, welcome!

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Thanks for the welcome.  I only stumbled across these forums by chance and I'm very happy with the find.  Lots of information to go through!


Not sure if you want to see my handy work in the galleries though, presentation is definitely one of my weak points.  I make an amazing chocolate cheesecake (as far as my friends and colleagues tell me at least.  They seem to love it), but it's the opposite of something you'd see in a store.  It's usually collapsed and my poor attempt at marble effect of the chocolate looks more like a cow pat :/


Maybe I can find some tips on how to fix that here :)

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