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Hey everyone!

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Hi Im Bumps...Im a newbie here and I'm not sure what I should say so I will say Hello  and  I hope everybody is enjoying their day.... I may have many questions on cooking in the future...Im 51 and not the best cook in the world...When I was a young mother of  of two growing boys I was able to use a few things I cooked as punishment ..."if you don't stop fighting I will make you an apple pie!! "  was what I was able to say....:( 

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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Bumps.

HA!  My mother's cooking was the punishment!  I think that's why I taught myself to cook in the first place, I was hunger.

This is a great Community, so many different culinary skill levels from all around the Globe. 

Feel free to join the conversation or start one in the relevant thread.  A note on that, the Pro section is read only for folks not employed in the food indutries.

Don’t pass over the Articles, Reviews and Gallery; there are some fantastic photos of folks work and fun stuff too.  Try the Search bar at the top of the page when looking for an interest; a lot of topics have gone around the block a few times already.  Also, if you have questions in regards to Chef Talk’s website once you’ve read the Tutorials, FAQ and Community Guidelines, you can post those in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

Whatever you do, have a good time doing it!   

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