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Aloha \mn/

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Hi everyone my name is John. I'm from Hawaii and I'm trying to get into the culinary industry. I started off an dishwasher, I've never thought about cooking and becoming one. I started off when I was 16 at this well known night club here in Hawaii. And now they move me up to an sous chef I am now 18.
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Aloha John, welcome to cheftalk!

Wow!  beautiful HAWAII, where you stay braddah?  I'm from Kaneohe Oahu, moved to the mainland a little more than more than 5 years ago after DH and I retired.

Check it out brah, if you have questions you, can post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.  Folks here are very generous with their knowledge, which has given me to confidence in myself to start a small business of my own.

I hope to see you here as often as your busy schedule will allow, and once again welcome.

A hui hou, k~girl

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