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Online Cooking Resources!

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Hi all!


I'm working as a line cook and looking to increase my culinary knowledge. I'm already in debt from my Bachelor's degree (in anthropology), and I'm already working in the industry, so I'm not looking to go to a traditional culinary school right now. Instead, I've decided to try to learn more in a self-directed way. I searched these forums for people doing something similar, and found some varying opinions about "online cooking school" but not a whole lot of info on where to get it. While its not a replacement for a brick-and-mortar culinary education or work in a real professional kitchen, the internet is full of amazing resources!


Does anyone have any experience with any online resources? I'm planning to spend some time each day combing the internet and practicing some of the techniques found there, as well as looking through some of the books I have that are collecting dust.

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What area are you thinking of getting into?  Are you considering specialising in cakes and pastries, for example?

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this is the site i have been using while in culinary school




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I've had really good luck with buying culinary textbooks from the major schools (J&W, LCB, ICC, etc) and working my way through those. Amazon has a lot of them used for really cheap.

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Thanks a lot for giving a beautiful recipes





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