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lack of motivation

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When i entered in the college of culinary arts...i was motivated and so passionate about cooking and baking...i really love it and i still do but i feel that sometimes am I going to make it? by the end of my graduation will I make it to the MT and be a sous chef or what?

My mind sometimes hit back and say and I ask myself...what the hell I'm doing? life gets so peachy see I'm an artist besides my culinary interests I also have other skills and interests for starters I'm a musician too and I create music,graphics and write stuff...but I sometimes feel that I'm lost somewhere in between...


But who knows maybe I can be everything...


So I'm here to know that what it takes to be a good chef? I know I've gone through the theory and blah blah but I'm really asking it for real from the real chefs out there in the real world...I've also worked as a trainee in the kitchen department of an Hotel but I left it as I realized that I'll only be cutting vegetables over there and nobody wanna help me learning the cooking the art and science behind the ingredients , cuisines, and the cooking all of I left it to learn on my own but here I am still blank and clueless about it...sometimes i ask myself do I have the passion? can i do it or something else? But then the reality kicks in oh right you cant change now there's no other way I like it I know it and I see the great importance of  food in learning history and cultures it's all too great when it comes back altogether...But I really wanna know what should I do? from where I can get ideas and motivation...Idk if you find this stupid or what but I really wanna get answers for my questions and haters and lamers can keep their commets to themselves and people who really want and can help kindly guide me...feels like a lost soul...

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What you are experiencing is called life.

Ups and downs and in betweens.

If you do take a break from school, go get another kitchen job.

If you are lucky you will get a prep position if not take that dish job and be the fastest and cleanest guy in the history of the dish pit.

Look around during the rush and see who is in the weeds, go ask him what he/she needs you to do.

Keep your whits about you and maybe someone will notice and teach you a bit during set up the next day.

Be humble and respectful.

Every one of those cooks has earned his chops and does not need a snotty nosed culinary student trying to tell him the

proper way of doing something.

If that sounds snarky I apologize.

Trying to work on my snarky post addiction, lol.



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