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Shall I stay?......or shall I go?

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When do you know when its time to leave your employer and move on?

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I'm assuming your getting paid and getting paid on time right? Because I just ran into a situation where I was not getting compensated for my hours.

Besides that, other times I have known is when you feel your passion slipping. Your creativity being suffocated. These are not good things, especially in this business. That is when I knew it was time to move on.
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shall ot?

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Thanks for your response Chef Torrie. I can relate to your comment. It is all relative. When your creativity is suffocated, your passion slips, then it reflects on the quality of your products. You loose customers, then you don't get paid on time. Any employer should look at this pattern closely. This will avoid loosing the chef.

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Look back, what made you go into the culinary arts?  Sometimes when you look back, it may get the spark back into you!  The sky is the limit, go for it!  If you can't see what got you to here, maybe it's gone : (

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Kinda feeling like you.  Been at my place for a little over a year and have been working the same station the whole time until about a month ago when I started my transition to a new station.  I have mixed feelings.  The chef is knowledge and has been teaching me more lately, I like the sous chefs, and I do enjoy learning the new station.  Even though I like the new food I'm cooking and learning about, but, and I hate to say it, I find myself caring a little less every day I go in.  Maybe it's because until a month ago, I've been working a lot of hours for a long time (one day weekends and weeks were at least 6 days or longer, I know many of you have done more) and have not taken a vacation since I started, except for a 4-day weekend last summer or maybe it's just because it's summer and I want to spend my time outdoors, not in a windowless kitchen.  I don't know, maybe I'll feel better and refreshed after my vacation next month, but if not, I think i'll spend 2-3 months here, and leave at the end of summer.  Honestly, I only planned staying one year, but we've been short staffed and I don't want to leave before we find some decent replacements.  Didn't mean to hijack your thread, but for the past few months I've been thinking about whether or not it's time to leave.

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That's a good idea. Take a break, re-charge and when you go back to work and you still feel that the passion is waning, then maybe you need to find out what is going to inspire you. You need to be inspired and passionate to produce quality stuff. But perhaps you need to talk to your head chef and tell him what you feel. Good luck! and have a good break!

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Once you start asking yoursef the question "should I stay or should I go ? " you are not really debating if you should be looking for something else or not , indeed you are debating when or for what to leave. Don't get me wrong , over the years I have changed multiple jobs too , some were beacuse of reaching my limit at that place, some were financial decisions and the one that made me move fastest was " feeling not appreciated for what I did"

What were your targets before you have started your current role? Which of them you have accomplised? What are You aiming to achieve with your possible new job? Better salary , higher rank , or you want to something else?

Before anybody jumps into any conclusions You should answer those questions and set clear goals four yourself...

Thats my 2 cents..

Best Regards

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Chefcomesback, thank you for your comment. Those are indeed good reflections you shared. And those questions are very helpful too. Thank you.

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