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The latest, greatest addition to my kitchen

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Hello everyone-


Haven't posted or read or participated here for a little while. My lady & I bought a house, and, well, let's just say I've been working quite a bit. I did, however, pick up something I thought was quite clever and thought I'd share.


I am from the camp of people that believe the microwave is not the proper tool for defrosting food. Don't want to start an argument, that's just where I'm coming from. I like cool water in motion for defrosting food.


Lost of folks like to leave the wrapped frozen food in a pot under the tap left to drip or run at a trickle. While effective, it's hell on your plumbing. So, I got a kid's bathtub toy, a little dolphin with a propellor tail and one AA battery. It was great until I'd exausted the motor. Then I discovered that NO ONE makes any bathtub toys with batteries anymore. Deemed unsafe. As an electronics hobbyist I feel pretty confident that 250mA at 1.5V couldn't electrocute a mouse, but that's besides the point.


I finally went to home depot and bought their smallest water pump, like you'd use for a fountain, or pond. I love it. I'll fill a big pot with water, stick the pump in there (suction cups stick it to the bottom) chuck in my frozen fish/chicken/chops/whatever and it's ready to go pretty quickly. It was about $16 and looks pretty sturdy. They're designed to run continuously for years and it's got a good thick AC cable that seems like it'd stand up to a good amount of thrashing.


Anyhow, the pond pump defrosting method. I'm sure many of you have even craftier stuff up your sleeve for this sort of thing, but I just thought I'd share this as it might help someone out. I love finding new unintended uses for stuff. 


Usually I'm the guy looking for help here, so I wanted to take the opportunity to give back.



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I've never heard of this trickling water method that sounds good, I've never defrosted anything in the microwave i thought it was kinda like a common practice not to, because it's a surefire way to get sick.

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