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I've been giving some serious consideration to moving to Spain in order to find work and new opportunities to develop.  The move is not imminent but when I go to work in Europe,and I intend to, Spain is where I am thinking of heading to and now seems like a good time to start finding out about it.


Was wondering if anyone on the forum would be so kind as to share some stories, experiences and general knowledge about this. Being from Scotland the climate definitely appeals but the food culture is the main draw and I am keen to find out what I can directly from people who have lived it themselves.



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I have friends who live in Spain, and I have only been a frequent visitor there, not a resident. But they tell me horror stories about the Spanish economy that make my hair curl! We're pretty bad here in the UK At present, but Spain appears to be a disaster zone within the Euro zone at present.

However, as you say your move is not imminent, perhaps time will mend Spain's economy?wink.gif
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I'm  Italian but I live in Spain since 2006.

Luckily I can work from home from everywhere (I work for an Italian company), so the crisis doesn't bother me so much.

In the last two years, I've seen people sleeping in the streets after they lost their home (never seen a person sleeping in a Spain street before) and there are long queues at charity kitchens.

Please come here for your holidays, this country need at least the tourists' money!

But DON'T come here to live, unless you are rich or you can gain money from abroad.

We have 6 million of unemployed.

My homemade Italian Liqueurs and Pastry recipes at:


My homemade Italian Liqueurs and Pastry recipes at:

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Thanks for the feedback guys.  I have been getting really mixed signals from various different places. My sister lives in Spain and is having a total blast.  She has 2 jobs and a really nice apartment as well as a very active social life.

I've heard and read fantastic things about the food culture and a couple of people I know worked in kitchens over there and came back saying that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and learned loads. Granted, that was around 2 years ago and I do hope that by the time I go, the country is a little more economically stable.


Perhaps I did not specify but I am not looking to buy a house in Spain or anything like that, I just want to find work in a good kitchen or maybe two in order to hone my skills further.  Even with the way things are and have been in the UK for the last couple of years I have always found that there is kitchen work available and with Spain's incredible food culture I hope that the same will apply over there.


Does anyone have any experiences from working in Spain as a professional chef, that they would like to share. I am very interested to find out more.

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