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I just got a new job 

and just thought i would post this some of you who are taking your AS in Culinary Arts might think some of the 

Gen Ed Classes are dumb 

i thought this also 

i was like why do i need a public speaking or Communication method class 


over the past 2 weeks it has proved to be more than i thought it would 

using the skils i learned from our Public Speaking Professor 
I was called in for a Interview a week ago last Thursday 

then last Thursday 

the Chef  Called me back and asked me to come in for a Second Interview and to meet with his Sous chef so i went in today 



they offered me the job I gladly excepted the position of Line prep 


the Chef knew form the moment i emailed in reply to the add they posted 

that i had no real professional kitchen experience 

in a high volume hi class kitchen only what i have learned in school 


and the first email i sent was i don;t know much about the professional kitchen 

i have not worked in one i know your add says 2 years minimum in a high volume restaurant 

but i am just a Culinary student i work part time in a vegan cafe 

And i am wondering if you would consider a student who wants to learn  earn his way up the top 

about an hour after i sent that email he called me asking me to come in wow was i surprised i thought yeah sure no way some HR department will get that and see i am not qualified 


I was not expected the Chef to call me and answer it directly and not that soon wow 


today i was so happy when Chef Eric decided that he would give me the chance to show him 

just what i mean by I will walk there wall to help and be part of the team that makes this the greatest kitchen in town 


this is a Buckhead Life Restaurant from Atlanta Georgia 

They have two of the top rated restaurants in Boca raton Fl 

Chops Lobster Bar  and the City fish market 

this new one  Lobster Bar sea Grill is brand new and they are giving me a chance to earn my place and show what i can do 

and its new wow 


i am so excited 

no the pays not great 10 an hour 35-37 hours a week to start with 

and then ill have to pay for parking in the garage monthly not shure what the rate is but probably not cheap where it is 

but hey i will work my way up and show what i can do 


just wanted to post this for other Students like myself don't ever give up