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In The Category Of What The Heck

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I have been trying to figure this one out and can’t come up with a answer.

Just this past Spring, I started to find these burrows I guess they are, in our side yard and only in the side yard.  There is dirt ‘flung’ out of a small hole and then like an escape hole not far from there.  In the Spring, the hole(s) were to one side of this small berm.  This morning I went out to survey any damage after the Monsoon storm last night, and here’s what I found on the opposite side of that same berm.


here you can see the                       And here is a close up of the

two holes                                           I guess enter hole



Does anyone out there have a clue for me?   


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k~girl here @William Lange

yup, the 'bug man' came by again the other day and said that it's definitely a tarantula burrow... gee, that's great!  He said that when I see them I should just kick dirt and rocks into the hole to disturb them and they'll look elsewhere.

Mahalo (thanks)

found this in the garage the other week

thank goodness the 'bug man' changes his formula

to suit the season, aka bug season... sorry Mr. Tarantula

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At first I thought Elephant, then I remember, this girl is from the Island, she not a mainland girl. Then I think a pig coming to make his own Kalua for Luau. I think maybe some Lau Lau, lomi lomi salmon, two scoop of rice for plate lunch sista.........

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I complain about the weather here but at least nothing like that will ever greet me in the garage. I shivered just from the pic, i hate spiders.
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@ChefBillyB that's right braddah!  I have no clue some of these things are, did I mention we have gila monster out in the back yard too?

YIKES!  He's okay though, he doesn't bother us

@William Lange yup!  one big and hair dude, I killed a black widow spider not to long ago too, trying to get in the house!

@Lagom back in Hawaii the biggest spider I every saw was a cane spider, OMG!  HUGE!

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Here in Australia we call your cane spiders (a Heteropoda species) "huntsman." They're a bit spooky, but harmless- and you definitely want them around because they're big consumers of pest insects.


The same is true of the various tarantulas of the American Southwest. You WANT them around- and the fact that they are around indicates that they have a readily available food source that would otherwise be eating your garden or invading your home.

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Heh, when I was working on lord howe island, I thought i was going to be carried off by one, cause of its size. Content now a days to squash the red backs i find around the unit
"Nothing quite like the feeling of something newl"
"Nothing quite like the feeling of something newl"
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Moose, bear, badgers,wild pigs, and a rouge lone wolf all hang out in my area but none compare to spiders. Just my one un rational fear.
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