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hello i'm new here

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Just a quick hi to everyone. I am new here and live in OC, Md..home of Chesapeke bays treasures of the sea..and Old Bay! Lol but love and cook everything! ..( almost love everything).
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Ocean City?  LOVE IT!!!

It has got to be a mad house there today though!!

The 4th at the shore? WOW, the traffic has got to be terrible, well relax at the waters edge for me, will `ya?

So glad that you found all of us, this vibrant community of lovers of all things FOOD!

Join in where you find interest, but a side note on the Pro forums, folks not employed in the food industries are asked to read only in those.

I hope that you will visit as often as you can and check out CT on Face Book as well as on Pinterest.


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