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hello i'm new here

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Probably should include my name...sorry about that..not sure how this works yet. Stacy from OC, MD gere
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OOps, sorry Stacy, tried to put your two posts together, that didn't work now did it?


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Hi Stacy, my name is Jon and I live in Baltimore. I've been in the industry for at least ten years now. I did take a break from the business for about three years and worked medical construction in CA. I was just hired at a major Crab and Seafood establishment as a restaurant manager. Ive been there for about three weeks, part-time, while trying to phase out of my previous job. I'm sorry if I'm using your reply as a introduction forum.  I saw that you were from OCM and just wanted to say "Hello" and introduce myself. I'm also new to this.

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