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Slow Cook Duck Legs?

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Hey gang-


I want to low & slow roast some duck legs, (ideally 175 degree oven for like 6-10 hours) prior to dinner service.... I've never tried this method before (other than confit preparation) and I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback/experience on pros and cons of doing so?



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Ive done this many times. I would sear the legs a bit in a nice hot pan then put them into a hotel pan, add a nice amount of duck fat, herbs, garlic clove, cover tightly with plastic wrap the again with foil. Id do them in the oven at 70c, around 155f, over night, 8 to 10 hours. Id cool and remove from the fat for storage. Falls of the bone and very flaviorful.
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That is confit. Op asked for other than confit method. I have tried this and found the slow roasted duck legs to be drier and tougher than a conventional low roast. It may be that my p.o.s oven doesn't hold low temps well and over cooks but also proteins all have a sweet spot where liquid is released then reabsorbed. Too low a temp and the reabsorbtion doesn't happen you just loose the liquid unless you are using a sealed environment like sous vide or cvap. Big roasts don't have the same prob bc the juices never get to the surface so they can't evaporate. That's what roast beef at 175 is the jam. Personally I don't like to cook poultry lower than 300f. If you get a good result please let us know. If I had duck on the menu now I would test this again but alas
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