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Our garden is now set and becoming productive, we have had an ample supply of salad items for 2 weeks now and zucchini and cucumbers have set on our plants, tomatoes have flowers and herbs are strong, I have some pepper plants given to me by a friend they are rather random as I and my friend don't know their species hot or sweet.  this will create some fun.  I have created devises for beans to grow up and have a net for peas.  My 3rd yr raspberries are going to produce. potatoes are hilled and carrots and beets appear to be doing well. I have made a new raised bed for herbs and salads, the box is filled with dirt from horse manure that has been composted for several years.  We have 2 horses and a donkey so the garden areas are given a constant supply of good organic feed.  In this part of Alberta the growing season has been good and we feel some compassion for our Albertans to the south who have suffered from sever flooding.

I have added to our images to show the vegetable garden area. Matthew