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I moved into a new home 3 years ago and am not happy with the stove in the house.  Compared to other stoves I have used in my life it doesn't work as well.  I was hoping someone would be able to give some advice on what stove to purchase.  I currently own a 30 inch gas "push-in" style range made by GE.  It has four 15k BTU ranges .  I am looking for more range tops that also get hotter  (boiling water is slow compared to other ranges i use).  The Single bottom oven seems a bit small, last thanksgiving our 22lb. turkey almost didn't fit..  


I am looking to spend $1000-$1500.  minimum of 5 powerful range tops.  Large evenly heated oven for baking (wife and I bake A LOT). And stainless steel a must (per wife).


Thanks if you have any advice!