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possibly moving to europe, need advice/help

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I didnt know where to post this, as I am new to the forum. My girlfriend came to me today and asked if I would consider moving to Europe for a while. Being so fresh (in my opinion) in this industry, it definitely would be either beneficial or not worth my time at all. She doesnt know where she wants to go yet, although I said I could probably go to Italy, France or England (the obvious choices). Neither of us speak a second language so it would be difficult to go most places. My question(s) is how would I go about applying for kitchen jobs, as I have little prep experience, and about 2 years of line experience with most of those 2 years working at 2 restaurants? Obviously I would need enough pay for food, rent, water, utilities, etc. so where is a good place to even start to look? Are there certain places I should look into?

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Depending on where you go, you'll probably need to know atleast some of the language. Obviously the best choices would be big cities, Paris or London are culinary capitals for top end dining. If it were me, I'd get your walking shoes and your knocking knuckles on and see what you can find. There will be places that are willing to give you a 3 month trial generally, with the conditions that if you're rubbish you go without notice, and if you don't like it you can leave.


Good luck.

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Good luck,

I don't want to be a spoil-sport, but remember that most of Europe in in a recession and unemployment is high.

Also check what permits you need to actually be allowed to work in Europe (like needing a green card in the USA)

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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The UK has stringent entry requirements and skills-set requirements. Heres a link to the UKBA site
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Thank you all for your replies. What if we went to vacation for a week or two, and I went to some of the local restaurants and asked the chef if I could come in a night or two to watch/help with service and prep so I could learn some different techniques, styles and anything else in a different culture? Is that something most chefs would be willing to do? I havent even tried doing that here in America, so I have no idea if that would even work.

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I doubt anyone will want you to come in just for one night, unless you're looking for perm employment there. There is no benefit line for them just to let you come in apart from the free hours, and if you do that you're likely to be stuck doing menial jobs.

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In the UK, our immigration laws are fairly stringent. rolleyes.gif
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In Scandinavia, just popping up at someone's kitchen and asking to stage would be out of the question, due to labor regulations. In Italy, things are not much easier, there's insurances to be taken in consideration, so I doubt the chef would let you trail, but staging should be easier. You must also have a work permit, of course, if you're a foreigner.


Those are the places I know about, hopefully it's a bit easier in the other places you're considering. Best of luck.

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if you'd be moving to my country, also you would need a work permit.

yep and insurances.

some chefs would let you do trial depending on the sort of place, but contact them beforehand.

in eyes of some chefs stage is same as  trial, for others, stage is temporarily but it can run into a paid job.

wish you luck.

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