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My hope is take off in early February with no set plan; except food and spirits... I am looking to backpack, cook, eat, camp, and "work" my way through Europe. Currently I am a Executive Chef in California and have been so engrossed in my career that I am in need for cultural adventure.
I'll be starting in Lisbon, Portugal; then making my way through the Algrave region. Over a few months I will be touring the southern parts of Portugal and Spain; making my way towards the North and one to Greece. I am looking to find in each area some kind of culinary gem to learn from; cheese making, bread baking, wine, charcuterie, truffles, seafood, any other recommendations from other travelers... I am still researching my trip and I am looking for some culinary advice for a month in Portugal?
Have any advice? Recommendations? Thanks in advance for your response!

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