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Hi everybody,

I'm reading this wonderful forum from a while, and now i decided to post my question here because i'm not able to make a decision about my future.

To be short, i'm looking for a professional pastry school anywhere in Europe, it can last from months to a couple of years, and my current budget is roughly 15.000 (at the most). I'm interested to gain the highest knowledge possible in this field, and make my profession from it, so it's not just an hobby.

I read something good about the LCB in Paris and London, and also about the Ferrandi in Paris and Alma in Italy.


Feel free to advice me anything helpful in my situation.

P.S. I'm from Italy, female, 25 years old, with just some little basic pastry experience gained by myself in the last 2 years, cooking some cakes for friends and family, nothing professional so far.


Thank you very much!! :)