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Hello guys! I 've got a problem! Huston,help me!

Vanilla cupcake,no problem,i prefer them so i make more often... but... i need to make chocolate cupcakes for some friends.. and... what the hell.. i tried 3 recipes.. nothing! Nobrand case and wilton case tear off,not all,just some of them!

On 12 cupcakes,3/4 tear off... but i did the toothpick test on each one and they were perfectly cooked...

First i did joyofbaking recipe,but i used normal cocoa powder istead of german processed,so i tought was my fault..
Then The recipe i used is from
Then an italian recipe of :

8 cupcakes :

40 gr all purpose flour
20 gr cocoa powder
60 gr sugar
60 gr room temperature butter
1 egg
vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon baking powder..

Nothing,even with this 3 recipes i got always 3/4 cupcakes tear off.. it pissing me off cause i don't get why!

Can you help me? or give me a good recipe to try out? Thanks!

Ps 180° 15-20 min.. at 16 usually take toothpick and usually at 20min are ok!