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Hi I'm Ben

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Hi, new to this site so I'm introducing myself, I'm from the uk. I am a designer for my family business. One of the things we do it write cookbooks and publish recipes to a food blog. Although my family are proper foodies I'm a foodie in training. I like all the technical stuff of cooking so if you want talk about equipment and knives I'll talk to you all day. :-) anyway...hi everyone
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Hi Ben,


New myself.  Where you from in the uk? I'm origionally from Essex now have moived up north to the Ribble valley



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Welcome to Cheftalk!

We have a growing number of members from the UK - and as a Scot - I say the more the merrier.

Lots of helpful studd on the site. The photography is a great source of inspiration, and the blogs, reviews and articles contaon lots of useful info. Feel free to join in on threads you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum. Please note that the three Professionals fora are read only for those of us not working in a culinary trade (but make interesting reading, even if we can't comment!)

Hope to see you around the boards.
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