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Bakery/pastry shop's summer woes

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I work for a bakery and I noticed that when the summer started ... The sales been taken a hit

I don't know if the people don't feel like eating cake in the summer, watching their waistline or people go straight to ice cream and frozen yogurt to cool down during summer heat

We don't sell any products that are cold like ice cream

How do you guys deal with the summer? Or do you have similar sales as the rest of the year?
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That follows the same trend we see - sales tank in the summer months - we are not in a vacation destination or resort area.  So you have to come up with new things to entice customers to come in - we use cake tops to make a portable trifle in a 8 and 12 oz clear plastic cup with a lid (cake, whipped cream or pastry cream - whatever we have left). The majority of our sales are wholesale to gourmet shops, country clubs, etc; and with the exception of weddings, there aren't a lot of social events through the summer months because of vacation schedules.  The country clubs will order a few special items to run as a dessert special.

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Been a few years since I have carried a shop on my back thru the summer...

@Jcakes! Great idea with the cake top trifle. Bakes fast (keeps a coolish kitchen coolish) and who doesn't love trifle!

@tosh if you have the room to hold ice cream sandwiches maybe next time the best ice cream is on sale buy a few tubs and do a cookie sandwich.

Just to see if you have a there there.

Minimal investment and would (HOPE!) draw a new crowd that just might take a dozen cuppies (or a lemon pound cake...screams summer) home for that pool party.




* saw an article somewhere re a successful bakery owner started doing the cookie sandwiches and bought one of those bikeswithanicecreamfreezer attached and put her hubbie/sons to work for the summer . She has a town square location (I would have KILLED for a TS location, lol) and pretty much has a captive audience, but maybe there is someplace this would fit in?



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They all scream for Ice Cream!  Do it!  Ice cream freezers are practically a dime a dozen!  Stretch your creation bone on sorbets and I.C.!  I sell a serious **it-ton of I.C. and Sorbet all summer long!  Do a trio of sorbets, banana split sundaes!  Hot fudge Sundaes.  People are ready to splurge on the good stuff.  Let's give it to them!

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...and they will pay to get it!

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I brought up the idea to the owner and doesn't want to do it.

I don't know if the owner doesn't want to buy a ice cream machine or whatever ... It not my business, it could have bring in some money to help the low sales during the summer

I want to do ice cream when I open my own pastry shop in the future.

Do you guys have any recommendations for what is the best machine to create smooth and great tasting frozen goodies?

I want to practice making ice cream at home
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