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I'm 54, was in the past chef, saute and line cook. Ended up in the telecommunications industry with Verizon. Do a lot of cooking and recipe development at home, especially in the last decade.

James Biringer
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Aloha James, Welcome to Chef Talk.
GET OUT! You work for Verizon? That's who I worked for in Hawaii.
I think you're going to like it here at CT, it's all about the FOOD, my favorite subject.
Take a lookey-loo around and if you have questions once you've reviewed the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines, go ahead and post those in the Feed back & Suggestion forum.
Also, check out on Face Book as well as Pinterest.
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Thanks Kaneo!
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k~girl here James, I hope that you will stop by the Culinary Student forums and impart some of your wisdom chef.gif
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I'll do my best! That and a nickel will get you a piece of gum.
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One more thing. There are no rules. Lemon and terragon? Maybe.

Sauerkraut and sour cream? Yup.
Sea legs? Sure, for seafood stuffing. I ain't rich.

Freeze things ahead of time. Yup. Makes it easier and faster to make better dishes.

No rules, just an outlet to express my creativity, an artistic outlet, if you will.

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