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Hello everyone

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I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks and now decided to register so I can join the discussion. I am just a home cook so not professional or experienced in any sense but I do enjoy cooking, especially italian cuisine :) Looking forward to chatting and sharing with everyone!



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Welcome to Chef Talk!

A lurker?  Well, former anyway. 

I gotta’ tell you, I've learned so much here at CT, I just love it!   Be sure to check out on Face Book and Pinterest too. 

You know already how it works around here then, right?  The Pro section is read only for folks not empolyed in the biz.  Should you have questions in regards to the site itself, just post them in the Feedback & Suggestion Forum. 


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Thanks! Yes Ive read the rules and stuff, Ill behave :D I think Ill mostly be reading and learning here in the beginning, so much to go through here! 

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