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Looking for a recipe that will ring my bell

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I can bake like a mad dog but my cooking?

Eh...not that experienced (that sits in my bros domain)

But (darn butt lol) I am very good at pulling a dish out of the hat when I have a great recipe.

A friend of my brother's  needs a luncheon for Friday and wants cold poached salmon with two sauces.

One dill with creme fraiche and the other a light mustard (please no honey, lol)

Also some cold fingerlings and another cold dish TBD.

I have googled the net and searched CT but no recipes that ring my bell.

Oh...and I want to use a  New Zealand (farmed) salmon that has been flash frozen when harvested.

It really is a great product altho I have never tried to poach it.






Darn I meant to start a new topic.....

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funny you bring this up, I have some smoked salmon center cut fillets that I just smoked (first time-wheeee) and I was thinking of serving them at room-temp or cold with a dressing of just dijon mustard with unsweetened soft-peak whipped cream, maybe some finely minced shallots and tarragon?

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Last summer I made a spicy apple and onion chutney that went very well with the smoked salmon I made.  I'm actually doing a tea cured salmon, not smoked, for a party this weekend and I am trying to decide on sauces.  Maybe a wasabi mayo, maybe something with cream cheese, fresh dill and smoked tomato.


As for another idea, I've recently made some lentil salads with an Mediterranean influence.  Cooked and cooled lentils mixed with olives, diced pepperoni, salami, olives, feta cheese crumbles, green onion, sweet peppers [ hot peppers available on the side ] dressed with a basic basalmic mix.  They were well received.



Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
Food nourishes my body.  Cooking nourishes my soul.
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How about mustard, horseradish & sour cream sauce.


Or, go Asian with the marinade (i.e. soy sauce, ginger, honey, sake, garlic, lime juice), & serve with lemon/lime rice, grilled bok choy, lime-steamed green beans, or cucumber salad.


Or, use a compound butter of choice, i.e. something citrusy like lime zest/ginger/soy sauce butter.


How about a different direction for the second salmon dish like a Nage;


Salmon & Scallops a la Nage

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I suppose you're gonna use large pieces of salmon or a whole salmon. I read you use frozen fish; you will need to defrost it first.

Mostly some sort of "court bouillon" is used to poach the fish in, nothing more than flavored water. I learned from Gordon Ramsey's earliest cookbook to make a very flavorful but not so traditional court bouillon; plenty water enough to submerge the salmon entirely, lemon zeste, lemon juice, whole black pepper corns crushed, I use also a few sezuan peppercorns, some fennel seeds, some koriander seeds, one star anice (absolutely no more!), a few green kardemom pods just cracked a little, a few whole all spice corns, a halved onion, salt. Let it all simmer for a while and... taste it! May sound a little weird, but you really need to taste to check for the salt content and all other flavoring. If your court bouillon don't taste right, the fish won't either.


Bring this court bouilon to a boil and add the salmon. Take away from the heat, cover and let it sit until completely cooled. You now should have perfectly poached salmon. Keep the salmon in the liquid until needed, to prevent from drying out!!


For your cold sauces;

- dill sauce; 50/50 crème fraîche (or yoghurt) + mayo, s&p, (optional) smallest tsp of ouzo or similar, finely chopped dill, lemon juice.

- mustard sauce; mayo, dash of tarragon vinegar, Dijon mustard to taste, grainy mustard to add some other texture. Add very little water at room temperature to dilute if needed.

- cocktail sauce; mayo, ketchup, tbsp of cognac or brandy or bourbon or whisky , tbsp of madeira wine or port wine or medium sherry..., pinch of cayenne, s&p.

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or what about going towards the orient?  sweet chili sauce (straight from the bottle) that's pretty yummy with fish

... a side TBD ... tabouli or couscous ... love the fingerling salad idea, a nice homemade vinaigrette, some arugula, BACON, gorgeous big lardons... 

(note to the admin folks... we need a drooling emoticon)  licklips.gif

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