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hi, im from Mexico 29 years, my experience in cooking its good, at home or with friends, my love of cooking its growing really fast and i have the aptitudes to be a great chef, but i have a problem...

im planning to change my life and persuit my dream of become a Chef.

but right know i dont know where to start, i saw a course in Italy, ICIF, but some people told me its better to start with a diploma in international culinary,some people told me im very old to pursuit my dream, etc.


so i need help to understand and advice to start my carrer in culinary field.


the other problem is the courses are really expensive and i dont have a lot of money, i can spend a top of 18,000 USD, so as u can se i have alot of complications to start. im looking for courses with accommodation included in fees.


tks for your time.