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New Catering Company

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Hey Chef's!

I am in the process of opening my very own catering company in So Cal! I'm interested in learning how to advertise or set up a website. Working as a chef and spending most of my time in the kitchen, I don't have much experience with computers. A friend sent me a link to to try and set up a website for customers to follow me easily. Can anyone help or has anyone else tried this?


Any further tips on creating a successful catering company would be great!


Thanks again!

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In addition to catering, my wife and I operate commercial kitchens for hire.  We help put caterers and other food producers into business, guiding them through the county/state regulatory approvals.  I can say that our most successful catering clients have gotten the most mileage from two things: Yelp, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)  Have every client provide Yelp reviews (make sure they're delighted first!) - five star reviews go a long way.  It gets expensive but if you pay Yelp, you will get excellent publicity and results.  SEO is available from any number of contractors and companies.  The only one I know personally is actually one of our clients. 

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