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Is it time to move on?

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Recent experiences at work have left me disheartened and thinking about looking for another job. Here's just a little generic background info explain why. About 4 years ago I graduated culinary school and entered the workforce, I worked a few jobs for crap pay until I lucked into this job. Its a small family owned Mediterranean restaurant with a good reputation locally. We had a solid crew when i started, 2 timers who'd worked at the place 15-30+ years, me and one other new guy who blows shifts and phones it in. Due to some political crap,mainly a lack of actual title in the kitchen, the owner is the dictator otherwise were all just line cooks, one of the old timers left and because the other kid was unreliable the remaining cook leaned on me to pick up the slack and I was just stoked. Fast forward 3 years, she has retired due to illness and I was stepping up to the their main guy. All was going well, I didn't care I was working 10-12 hour days 6 days a week at least I was loving the extra responsibility (I should also mention I was approached to possibly work as a sous at hotel because I knew a guy, but didn't make the final cut but I went through 2 rounds of interviews so I can't have been worthless right?). I had even convinced our really set in her ways owner to maybe try doing some specials, and a nice roasted veg instead of frozen California mix, plain and held to death in a steam table. Out of nowhere they hire some lady with 30+ years experience, 9-5 monday to friday, tell me to train her (while putting me on a split 11-2 5-9 which makes training a headache). On the one hand I feel I've plateaued and that I'm not valued, I've been explicit about my goals of managing a kitchen and one day owning my own place and the last "chef" was training me as a replacement. On the other hand, its like $500 a week at a job I can now do in my sleep since I don't care about going the extra mile and have a prep mule there 9-5 instead of me. So my real question is should I find another job that will help me grow as a cook or take the easy money? I know I'm never going to learn to be a chef here, but from what other people tell me they make they'd kill to have it this easy.

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60 hrs a week for $500?? I wouldn't get out of bed for that. Start looking.

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"Find a job where it helps you grow as a cook or take the easy money"...... Uh that's a no brainer. Why would you want it easy ?
you say your not learning? Time to move on.
Personally I would always choose knowledge over money. Unless you have a family to support.I think you know yourself what you need to do already as you say you'll never learn to be a chef there.
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Yeah, some times staying at a place to grow is good but it seems you've outgrown it and the management don't care about your potential.

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Get out.  I was in a similar situation and I only lasted about 10 months before I could not take it anymore.

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Uhm , i believe this profession is about learning and gaining new experiences. 

If you stopped learning and your seeing that maybe that extra work your putting in isnt being valued , along with the fact that the job is not what you wanted , then i ( in you shoes ) would leave. 

That and $500 a week is not worth the extra work , and me getting out of bed early. 

Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.



Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.


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Move on!
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this trend is common with many hotel restaurant owners. but some care for long term relation

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